I'm excited to share some impressions of our New Year's Eve party in the Metaverse hosted in Microsoft's AltspaceVR.

This party also meant a lot to me personally.

My daughter had to be quarantined because we had a Covid19 case in the family.

My wife's parents live in China and have not visited us for two years.
Because of Covid19, the sale of fireworks is banned in Germany. You are no longer allowed to dance in clubs, and there are strict contact restrictions. That didn't sound like a sparkling New Year's Eve.

What to do?
The Metaverse to the rescue!

So without further ado, I had decided to throw a New Year's Eve party in AltspaceVR - for our families, friends, and new friends all over the world who suffer from Covid19 restrictions.

Of course, my MVP and work colleague Zaid was on fire with the idea and immediately joined in. Our Hololux DJ, my childhood friend Dominik, was also directly on board.

For me, it was also the first 3D environment that I built utterly alone in Unity. I had the chance to let my imagination run wild and design a party location of my dreams. And of course, with a lot of fireworks - despite the german corona restrictions!

But enough telling, just watch the video. We really had a lot of fun and a great New Year's Eve! I wish everyone a great 2022!