Yesterday, I became a Microsoft MVP for the ninth time. Many thanks to Microsoft and my MVP lead Alice Piras!

But something is different. For the first time I’m not an Office Server and Services MVP. Now I’m a Windows Development MVP.

Call me crazy but it feels weird. And I’m not talking about the jokes from my Mac-using-work mates (they are douche bags anyway 😉) or because all my relatives and friends will now demand that I’ll have to solve all their windows problems.

It is because I really love the Office 365 community and collaboration is still my mission.

How could I become a Windows Development MVP? Because in the last year most of my contributions were around HoloLens and Mixed Reality and these technologies are officially part of the windows platform. Honestly, I’m not too crazy about the hardware, nor the bits and bytes. I’m crazy about what these technologies mean to communication and collaboration. I am strongly convinced these technologies bear the potential to rocket up communication and collaboration to a whole new level.
I think Microsoft should give up the MVP categories, because I’ve never been an Office Server & Services or SharePoint MVP and I will never be a Windows Development MVP.

I just help people to achieve more with innovative technologies – whatever these are today or tomorrow.